Is Customer God?

Irrespective of the industry we work in, customers are an integral part of any business.Customer is God, Customer is always correct are some phrases which you will find embossed in any corporate bible.Most of you may agree and I am sure a lot more of you will disagree.

When we say “Customer is God”, does it literally mean a customer is God? No.The reason why this phrase might have come into picture is to emphasize the relevance of the customer.Irrespective of the work we do, there has to be a customer who will make use of our service, our product. Customers are the basic foundation of any business. It is these customers who use our product or service and provide means to generate revenue. Customer satisfaction has always been a key focal point. Right from an IT company to simple grocery store, from a Mobile service provider to an Airline company customer satisfaction hold the key to a successful business.

Let me take the example of Kingfisher Airlines. I attribute the success of this airline to the excellent customer satisfaction which the airline showcases. The chairman Mr. Vijay Mallya is called the “King of Good times” and he has believes every Kingfisher customers deserves a good time. From the time you book your tickets to the time you walk out of the Airplane, you experience what is called excellent quality of service. The smartly dressed Airhostesses in designer uniforms, the in-flight Audio-Video entertainment through personalized video screens, a special selection of food on-board and a moving map to tell you where you are exactly you are flying are a part of this flying experience. Now you get all these at the same cost or cheaper than that of any other Indian Airliner carrier. Customer satisfaction does not stop here. Kingfisher Airlines is looking at having live television on-board and to facilitate ticket booking at the ATM’s. Currently Kingfisher Airlines has about 8 to 9% of market share. Their market share is surely going to sore looking at the passion and dedication which Kingfisher Airlines is showcasing.

You will often find me referring to Starbucks in my blogs. Starbucks has etched its quality of service deep in my mind.Irrespective of the place I have sipped my Starbucks coffee; I get the same taste, the same experience.
Let me take an example which most of you are familiar with .Pizza Hut.I have been to Pizza Hut across the globe and believe me; I felt at home even if I visited Pizza Hut in Shenzhen, China or Belleville, Canada. The menu looks familiar, the ambiance looks familiar and so does the food taste familiar. They have a unique way to attract customers. In one of the Pizza Huts in Bangalore you have a huge horn placed at the exit. And when you are leaving Pizza hut the child inside you forces you to sound the horn and “Thank you” comes a prompt reply from the people from Pizza Hut employees. I just love that. In another Pizza hut outlet in Bangalore they have a huge bell placed at the exit and the moment you ring the bell on your way out “Thank you” comes a prompt reply. Pizza Hut serves more than 1.7 million pizzas every day, to approximately 4 million customers worldwide. Now that is what I call customer focus.

As my last example let me take an industry we all are familiar with, the IT industry.Most of the IT companies annually take up a Customer Satisfaction Survey. These surveys are used as accurate barometers to predict the success of a company.If a dip is seen in the customer satisfaction survey, it is sure that dooms day is closing in for that company. Many IT companies have weathered the hard times just because of the loyalty shown by their customers. And this loyalty is surely the fruits borne because of excellent customer satisfaction.

Now don’t you think the phrase “Customer is God” makes sense.

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One Comment on “Is Customer God?”

  1. I am totally disatisfied with the MIA Pizza. I think it was cheap. This deal should be stopped.

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